Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can't leave home without it

Lipstick. If you ask my mother, it's the cornerstone of a real American woman. Aside from clean underwear, every woman of age should have lipstick with her when she leaves the house. The full on tubed, matte finish kind in an unmistakeable shade of red that conveys maturity, sexiness and feminity, but not too whore-ish. Not gloss. Not balm. Good old-fashioned, tested on animals, made from blubber lipstick.

SP knows this. Before every hockey game, she shalacks it on as part of her war paint in the battle to win America from vegetarian, tree-hugging, birth control consuming liberals. Rack Rack is in "trouble" with the McCain-Palin camp because he essentially called her a pig.

She called herself a pitbull first.

SP ain't no pig, Senator. She's a pitbull. A pitbull would kill a pig by ripping out its jugular. Pits are vicious bitches and my SP is one vicious bitch and she has kids by the litter. So I join the McCain campaign in phony resentment and calling out the incredulous statements you made because calling a pitbill a pig not only sets back the feminist movement (we've fought hard to be bitches instead of pigs), it shows that you have no respect for the full on attack that is SP. So mock away, but your time will come when she's let off her chain and she's coming for you. I'm sure you can remember a mean dog or two from back in the day when you canvassed as an ORGANIZER. *shudder* *rolling eyes*

The more I think about it: if SP's a pit, what does that make Cindy?

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