Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bringing pride to country and a historic profession

In this Salon.com article, Gary Kamiya heaps glory and praise on Sarah and her uncanny ability to whip independent voters into submission. Well done, Gary!

"And large numbers of Americans think she's hot."
"Sarah Palin has thrown a big-time scare into Democrats."
"Right now, Palin has Democrats quaking in their boots -- and with good reason."
"For the die-hard Republicans who lusted over Palin at the convention, her whip-wielding persona was a turn-on. You could practically feel the crowd getting a collective woody as Palin bent Obama and the Democrats over, shoved a leather gag in their mouths and flogged them as un-American wimps, appeasers and losers. "Drill, baby, drill!" the chant ecstatically repeated by the GOP faithful during Rudy Giuliani's speech, acquired a distinctly Freudian subtext after Palin spoke. The more Palin drilled the Democrats, the more hotly the base yearned to drill her. (We will leave it to shrinks to determine whether the GOP hardcore has the hots for Palin because she's reaming the Democrats, or because authority-worshippers tend to have secret fantasies of being reamed themselves.)"

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