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Leggy Leader
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMG: Leave Sarah Alone!

Sum Obamaniac from Detroit sent me this recent column from the Free Press that joins the growing cries 4 Sarah 2 step down. Idk who this columnist Rochelle Riley is, but she sounds like some sort of porn star w/dat alliterative name.

Which brings me 2 this point: wot riot mentality we have in this country. WTF?

"We luv Sarah!"
"Sarah is a breath of fresh air!"
"We h8 Sarah!"
"She isn't ready to lead!"
"Sarah's vagina should be the national vagina!"
"Sarah should be hidden in a cave until after the election!"

Disgusting. Do I need 2 remind ppl how many stupid people have run 4 elected offices & won? The current POTUS being 1? How soon we 4get. And this RR woman from the Freep, can suck it seeing as she comes from a town who elected not 1ce, but 2wce Kwame Midwest's Marion Barry Kilpatrick 2 office. If I were her, I would focus on the imploding rock pile she calls home aka Detroit, Michigan.

Here is my .02: I know ppl (& SNL writers) R xcited 4 Sarah's bout w/Joe Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Biden coz dey R mean spirited a-holes. That makes me sad pissed bcoz who R we 2 judge dis woman? Wouldn't ur time be better spent mobilizing voters, ensuring the elderly have rides to the polls, phone banking, canvassing, writing a check, writing your senator, withdrawing your money and buying secure treasury bonds, making a salad, hugging someone, playing with a baby, planting a tree, taking a dump, feeding the hungry, cleaning your garage, picking apples, practicing yoga, changing the litter box, or updating your Netflix Q instead of nitpicking @ Sarah Palin?

F u dnt live n Alaska, wot the hell has Sarah Palin done to you? Really???????? Tell me! Ur contempt & jealousy of her = so transparent I can clean it w/Windex. I can barely keep up with the Prayer List coz the venom is being slung from all sides. It's sickening. Stick 2 the issues, ppl - stop focusing on petty things like interviews and things she sez during public appearances. That shit dnt matter. STOP SPREADING LIES AND MYTHS AND SEEK OUT THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT SARAH'S AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The more people h8 on Sarah, the more m reminded of how u all treated Britney. Look what it did 2 her! She is just now recovering. I dnt want 2 c Sarah eating Cheetos & getting her head shaved. I dnt want her 2 lose her kids 2 The Todd, or drop Trig in public. But dis is wot will happen f u keep harassing her & attacking her.

Leave her alone!

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Samantha Grace said...

This post gave me a headache...too much LOL speak.