Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Experience? What do you call Miss Wasilla?

People seem to have created a new hobby in questioning Sarah's ability to lead. Granted, I don't want her leading anything I'm a part of, but allow me to outline some parallels between beauty pageant winner and Vice President of the United States.

1. You have to dress up. A lot.

2. There is a lot of formal ceremonies and people in sashes to talk to.

3. There will be jealous bitches out to contaminate your make-up.

4. You get to make speeches.

5. Ribbon cuttings and presiding over the Senate are pretty much synonomous.

6. You have to have a platform.

7. You travel with handlers.

8. You have to be "on" all the time.

9. Lots of waving and handshaking and picture taking.

10. Miss Congeniality is a lot like the First Lady (insanely jealous of you, except when SP was Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska 1984 competition. In that case, they were really jealous of her and her faith).

11. You have to answer tough questions on the spot and think on your feet.

12. A winner-up is a heartbeat away from the Title.

I could go on and on, but I think I've made my point.

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