Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Thursday, September 18, 2008

On this email situation

How dare you, Hacker, violate the privacy of anyone let alone the One and Only Sarah Palin? How fucking cruel and low are people going to get in this fucking election? You have essentially "drilled" your way into Sarah's personal life and ripped her of basic dignities. In our technologically immersed world, what you essentially did was go through her mailbox at the end of her driveway and rifle through her shit.


Did you find the pictures of her kids amusing? I hate you. Are you going to break into anyone else's personal email? Gonna steal Rack Rack's Blackberry? Snatch Cindy's purse next time you see her in public?

You're a criminal. You are no hero. The only scandal you are uncovering is yourself. And for that, we will pray for you.


Vern said...

This is unraveling fast.

Check out:

What do you think, should we "lay off the kids?" He's just the 20-year-old son of a politician!

Samantha Grace said...

I quite enjoyed the pictures of her kids.