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Leggy Leader
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Other Lady Governor admits Sarah Palin is awesome and that she is not as good as Sarah

I like Jennifer Granholm. She's pretty and smart smart and pretty. And she's real enough to know when there is another woman leader out there better than her. And that woman is Sarah Palin. It goes without saying that Alaska is by far, a better state than Michigan and it's harder to govern than Michigan so of course Sarah has more experience than Granholm despite being a governor for a less amount of time. Nevertheless, Jennifer publicly heaps praise on SP:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm has met Sarah Palin several times and says the Alaska governor seems like a very nice woman.

"She wouldn't ask to be treated with kid gloves. This is the vice presidency," Granholm told reporters Thursday. "She's tough. She's made that very clear."

Jennifer goes on to admit that she isn't ready to lead like Sarah:

"I'd be the first to say — and I've been governor for six years — that I do not have international relations experience," Granholm said. "The question for the American people to decide is whether you want a vice president who's a heart beat away to have no international relations experience."

But that is where she stops on my good list. Unfortunately, Governor Granholm will be slapping the women of America in the face by helping Sarah's opponent, Joe Biden, prepare for his debate with Sarah.

The Democratic governor will be Palin's stand-in as Biden prepares for the Washington University debate in St. Louis. She said being the only female governor besides Palin with children at home may give her "a perspective that allows me to step into those shoes a little more easily."

A sensible, but stylish pump in black or navy for which your feet are too big Governor Granholm.

Thankfully, Michigan Republican Chair calls Jennifer out on her hypocrisy:

Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis said Granholm is a good debater, but called it "ironic" that the Michigan governor will be pretending to be Palin.

"Granholm will be playing the role of a governor who actually cut taxes, created jobs and reformed government," Anuzis said. "It's a far cry from the role that she's played over the last seven years."

Way to show your unity with other lady leaders, Jen. We will pray for you.

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