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Leggy Leader
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Friday, September 26, 2008

The difference between MomsRising and Al Qaeda: strollers

A bunch of minivan warriors known as MomsRising thought it was a good idea to be a good neighbor and drop in on Sarah's office to hand deliver a letter to her that congratulated her on her nomination and to ask her some questions about topics that mothers find important like child care, education, afterschool programs and equal pay. Now, I am not a mother, but I also find those topics important and I resent them being billed as Mommy Issues by these bunt cake baking bitches.

To their surprise, some nimrod intern or staffer told them that a: In case they didn't notice, Sarah was in fucking NYC meeting with world leaders, so she sorta isn't um, HERE; and b: maybe they should just mail the letter. Like anyone who just shows up unannounced (and I'm sure without a gift basket of assorted cheeses or even a danish tray), they were turned away. Now, they have their mom jeans in a pinch because they got dissed and they want people to sign a petition demanding that Sarah address these issues.

Attention MomsRising, in case you were too busy clipping double days coupons for the local sale at Penny's and packing organic carrots in your little Blake's snack pack, you should take note that John McCain is running for President and you should be asking HIM about these issues, not just Sarah Palin. Do not use your Mommy Status as some disguise for your political action committee.

Fuck you for hijacking issues that affect all people and turning it into another laundry list of petty petitions presented by lily white women.

I can't tell who is crying more loudly: you or your babies. Now, go throw on some blush - your kid needs to be picked up from oboe practice.

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