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Leggy Leader
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Huffington Post: uncovering mindblowing news

O....M....G! Sarah Palin uses a stylist! Like, no way! THANK YOU so much Huffington Post for uncovering the news that the woman who is constantly in the public eyes uses professionals to help her look good for appearances.

Wow. I mean knowing this nasty secret may actually change how I feel about Sarah. The Huff Post reports that Page Six said that someone told them Sarah's style team urged her to buy a $2,500 jacket for her nomination acceptance speech in St. Paul.

Um. How much did Barack pay for his suit for his speech at the DNC? I highly doubt he got it at the Men's Warehouse.

It was the friggin' RNC for chrissakes! I would have splurged, too, dammit. Try focusing on real news.

They even provide "before" and "after" pictures. One of which is SP in the grocery store and a pic of her at the RNC. (She looks Glorious in both.) Um, how many women do you know dress to the nines to go to the grocery store with their newborn baby?

Hey, Huff Post: Barack's balls are calling. They miss your mouths all over them.

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