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Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Watch out here she comes...

Let's get straight to the facts: Greta Van Sustren is a whore. She is a scheming homewrecking hussie. The Fox News Slutbucket (sorry Goddess for being so harsh) conducted the first interview with The Todd since Sarah was nominated for veep.

Check out the video: um, could she be more sexually aggressive? If the interview went any longer, she would have flashed him and went for his crotch.

She lustily asks him what he thought about Sarah's RNC speech and he dutifully says it was "good", great, even. He deflects her come-ons with one-word answers showing the world how much he loves his wife. Note the love between the high school sweethearts when he talks about how Sarah said "thank you" after he told her she did good. That is solid as a rock stuff.

She is fascinated by the raw power that he has as First Dude of Alaska and possibly the First Hunk of America. He practically has to beat her off with a stick when they are walking around outside.

I won't pray for Greta, because nothing can save this Jezebel. She just better watch her back. There are several things that you don't mess with: her family, her gun or her man. Strike one, Greta. STRIKE ONE.

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SportyGrrl said...

Wow! Greta is a moron. That was the worst interview I have ever seen. I felt almost as uncomfortable as Todd looked while watching it.