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Leggy Leader
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maureen Dowd: Perpetual Winner of Asshole of the Year Award

Maureen Dowd not only gets a request for prayer submitted on her behalf, but she will also get a special candle lit in her honor. She is such a fire-headed, cat-clawed bitch. She fucked with the wrong woman when she stepped her hooves on Wasillian soil.

In her most recent NYT column, Maureen decides to fly from her dragon cave and land in Alaska. She bothered to step her hoity-toity leather pumps into a Wal-Mart to *gasp* actually talk to Real American Women. Maureen is quite the multi-tasker (not like SP) because she was able to judge them and listen to them all at the same time.

The Dragon even satiated her palate at the local Mocha Moose, drinking skinny white mochas affectionately called Sarahs because SP considers them her favorite. It's sad to know that something so sacred will be excreted as bile and waste from the filthy anus of Maureen Dowd.

Her contempt for Sarah Palin manifests itself in Vaginal Envy that so many toxic progressives possess these days. She throws out lie after lie - inserted between parentheses no less - about Sarah. Such garbage like:

(As The Times reported recently, in 1995, Palin, then a city councilwoman, told colleagues she had seen “Daddy’s Roommate” on the shelf of the library and did not approve. The Wasilla Assembly of God tried to ban “Pastor, I Am Gay” by Howard Bess, a liberal Christian preacher in nearby Palmer.)

Text Alert to Dowd: Sarah is too busy being straight to object to those who aren't. I mean, really, Maureen. Thankfully most commenters to the column call out Maureen's obvious Vagina Envy. I seriously have to question her ability to use, and then communicate with the public, the English Language.

Tonight, Saint Anthony will help you find your path back to the living and help you find sanity again, you devilish whore bag, and once you admit error in your judgement of Sarah and her Palinites, we will welcome you with open, toned arms into our fold.

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