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Leggy Leader
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Palin berates her own fans in error
The Press Association

US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has mistaken some of her own fans for hecklers at a rally. A massive crowd of at least 20,000 spread across the car park of Richmond International Raceway, Virginia, and scores of people on the outer periphery more than 100 metres from the stage could not hear her.

"Louder! Louder!" they chanted, and the cry spread across the crowd to Ms Palin's left. Some pointed skyward, urging that the volume be increased. Ms. Palin stopped speaking briefly and looked towards the commotion. "I hope those protesters have the courage and honour to give veterans thanks for their right to protest," she said.

Some in the crowd tried to shout to her about what was really being said, but she could not hear them. Some in the crowd had been standing for more than three hours on a sunny day without shade. At least 25 people collapsed from heat-related llnesses and three were admitted to hospital.

People were fainting. Fainting in awe....I can only imagine how it felt to either pass out from being overwhelmed by her awesome awesomeness or being berated by her because you couldn't hear. I mean....like....to just. be. there.

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Vern said...

Come on, have you heard her "berate" someone? "Well bless your heart, I hope you realize..."

If I could be so lucky.