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Leggy Leader
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fast and Furious: Prayer List Additions

Devil-man Salman Rushdie joined the "Iwantmy15minutesoffame" bandwagon this past week by critcizing Sarah Louise. The terrorist/author called her a "joke". A joke. Fuck you, Mr. Rushdie. Looks like you've been married almost as many times as Sarah has children. Clearly you know nothing about women. Besides writing drivel all day and fathering children, what else do you do? Oh I know: sit around hating on Sarah. She, sir, has done nothing to you, yet you find it your place to have a say in AMERICAN politics. I suggest that you keep your curry-tainted comments in your native, England.

People of Philadelphia take your place among those in need of prayer. Sarah graciously accepted an invitation from Philly Flyers owner, Ed Snieder, to drop the first puck in their season opener. Hockey fans fortunate and blessed enough to view her in person - on ice no less - booed her. Booed her. Princess Piper was these and she was booed, too! The nerve and crass of Philadelphians. Gross misbehavior at a hockey game? I would have never imagined. There should have been silence, awe, then applause followed by Sarah's exit from the ice. How horribly wrong that evening went. That's OK. I'm sure Sarah met it with grace and composure. Prepare to be preyed on prayed for, Flyers Fans.


Carlos Echevarria said...

As always the radical Left keeps it classy, especially when a 6 year old girl is involved.

As for Rushdie, why doesn't he go back to one of those progressive Muslim countries to live, as opposed to being a burden to the taxpayers of the UK for the last 15 years...

Samantha Grace said...

Wow Carlos. You just don't get it, do you?