Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Either way gays are screwed

People are all in a tizzy because *gasp* Sarah actually speaks her mind and doesn't serve as John McCain's puppet. This time it's about The Gays. Now, I disagree with Sarah on this subject, but that's not the point right now. Sarah tolerates gay people. She just doesn't believe they should have the right to marry, therefore she supports a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Whereas, John McCain doesn't support a constitutional ban and thinks those decisions should be left up to individual states. Her gay friend(s) don't even care, so why does the media?

The point is that it's OK if she and McCain aren't on the same page. I'm sure there were times when Robin didn't agree with Batman and when Laverne didn't do the same as Shirley.

Differences are what makes us whole. Team Maverick balances each other out. Sarah is a born leader, so why wouldn't she speak her mind even it means disagreeing with McCain on gays, the environment, abortion, drilling in the ANWR, Pakistan and campaign strategy? Even John says, “Did you expect two mavericks to agree on—to agree on everything?”

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