Leggy Leader

Leggy Leader
This man suffers from an advanced state of The Palin Syndrome

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prayer for the Godless

The Prayer List was getting a tad dusty. Thankfully Collin Powell and Christopher Hitchens gave me something to do this week.

Let's talk specifically about Hitchens. First off, he's a foreigner, so I don't know why he cares so much about OUR election. He thinks that the media should just stop paying Saracudda any attention until she holds a press conference.


How can you ignore someone so omnipresent? It's impossible. He outlines all these same garbage pail reasons why haters think Sarah isn't a qualified candidate. He claims she isn't smart, that she believes in God, is hyprocritcal, that she doesn't use complete sentences and other idiotic bullshit.

I guess Mr. Hitchens thinks that Sarah owes him some sort of explanation. She doesn't owe you shit, Hitchens. You better pray to the God you don't believe in that she makes your death a quick and painless one.

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